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About us

Established 2015

Welcome to Australian Decorative and Fine Art Sales , our website was born from a very informal night of a group of people who love beautiful objects, then after much discussion , Australian Decorative And Fine Art Sales was to become a reality!

We  come from very different tastes, ideas and backgrounds,  but what makes us different is that what you see is what is in our own collections,  not sitting in a shop or in a packing case. We live with our pieces and love them , but we are aware that we are only short term custodians and Beautiful Items should be shared not hidden from view .

We have not just obtained what was available, cheap or popular at the time,  but key works from important periods so we have established a close rapport with many of our Artist friends and listen to them and try to be encouraging and most importantly supportive .

As time passes more collectors, like ourselves will join in, we hope, and expand our offerings.

Please check our website from week to week as there we will be always changes

With a combined 120 odd years of experience across a broad spectrum of areas, we are offering our collections to the new genre of collectors and budding dealers to purchase.

We have collections of antiques, modern and contemporary art, sterling silver, porcelain, glass, Australian and overseas pottery, jewellery, oriental art, ceramics and cloisonne.

As the website grows, as it always will, and as other collectors come on board, the offerings will even become larger and more diversified.

Thank you

Australian and Decorative Fine Art Sales

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